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the federal government's response to hurricane katrina. >> when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said look at this devastation. we didn't expect you to come up with the almighty hand. down in new orleans, where's your dollar? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. >> conservative pundits defined this as racial rhetoric obama makes the point that problem's actions were not racial bias. >> look at what happened in new orleans and the gulf coast when katrina hit. people asked me if they thought race was the reason the response was so slow. no, this administration was color-blind in its incompetence, but everyone here knows that the disaster and the poverty happened long before the hurricane hit. >> while the video does, perhaps, notding the president' at re-election, dusting off the vintage tape does return the focus to the man the gop wishes would actually disappear or shape shift into a nonhuman form. president george w. bush. >> if the republicans want to defend the bush administration's response to katrina i'm sure the president would give them his time durin
had truthers, birthers and now we've got jobbers, these people who don't believe the government data here and to those people i would quote carl sagan and say extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and there is simply no evidence that anybody at bls did anything improper here. that number came down to 7.8% because of the household survey being very, very strong more than 800,000 jobs created in that survey. there's a technical reason for that i won't get into but that's what happened here. it's an unusual blip but it did happen and the data is real. >> to clarify, the bls is not a sort of partisan body. they sort of -- these are statitions who work through multiple administrations? >> yeah. these are career people who are economists who do this for a living. they have very, very serious. i know these guys. they take this very seriously. they don't work for hilda solis inside the department of labor. they're carved out in a separate unit. but bls is sort of culturally its own entity and there is not a shred of evidence they've manipulated this number or did so this time.
meant governing right quick. but you know i go back to something i say every time, that people have to remember that, you know, thanks to two books, one by robert draper the other by michael grinwald we know between the time obama was elected president and the time he was inaugurated, republicans met at least twice, the leadership met at least twice to hatch a plan to just, you know, obstruct the incoming president no matter what. even though the economy was falling off the cliff it was all about obstruct him in 2009, to take back the house or both chambers in 2010 and win the white house in 2012. no matter what they didn't want president obama to succeed. they saw it as a success for him rather than a success for the country. >> i questiguess the question t have or quotes that will haunt him, the closing of guantanamo, comprehensive immigration reform. the problem with all that is the answer is republican stood in the way, didn't want to play ball, which you could say a fair assessment but does it sound after you have the same answer to each question, does it sound whiney? >> i thi
turbulence this week govern are mitt romney battled his own, alex looks back and asks what just happened? >> we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of the crisis. >> this week we saw a globe in crisis. international leaders, converging on new york city, were asked the tough questions. >> world brittania. >> yeah. >> written by whom? >> you're testing me now. >> and the literal translation was what? >> again, you're testing me. >> it would be good if you knew this. >> it would be. >> meanwhile, a domestic crisis would unite a nation. >> bacon, bacon. >> a world shortage of bacon is unavoidable. >> i would pay double that for continuing to have bacon. >> athletic crisis would bring both parties together. >> the president hoped the refs lockout is settled soon. >> it is time to get the real refs. >> only to divide them once again. >> it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right it's time to get out. >> a candidate would go to war with himself. >> don't forget, i got everybody in my state insured. i don't think there's anything that shows more empathy a
to the government. my number one principle is, no tax cut that adds to the deaf. underline that. no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> rorm's mney's insistence his cut is revenue neutral. monday he floated one idea to a local denver tv station. >> you could do something, for instance, as an option, you could say everybody's going to get up to a $17,000 deduction and use your charitable deduction, home mortgage deduction or others, health care deduction and fill that bucket if you will, $17,000 bucket, higher income people might have a lower number. >> last night romney ditched the $17,000 bucket and suggested he might make up a number. >> one of the various ways to bring down deductions, a single number, make up a number, 25,000, 50,000. >> yes, make up a number. anyway, who cares about specifics? or facts for that matter? instead, romney tried to remind voters about the president's broken promises. >> the president said he'd cut the deficit in half. unfortunately he doubled it the president did say he would cut the deficit in half -- >> i'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by hal
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)